This day would mark the beginning of my awakening. Before this time I had never dove into the realm of psychedelics and this would not be the last. I had made an agreement with my friend that if my first time with LSD would be with him that I would have to do 2 tabs. When I tell you I had no idea what i was getting myself into, you best believe it as the truth. I found myself excited and anxious to finally “trip” for it has been something I’ve always wanted to experience. The journey began in my brother’s room with 3 others who were jumping on the LSD express straight to face melting lane. I was told that it would start to hit anytime between 60-90 minutes after swallowing the small pieces of paper and that eventually I’d get hit by what my friend refers to as “the shakes.”

Me not having ANY clue what was about to happen I just kind of sat back and waited for this shit to hit me. By this point in my life i know how it feels to be high on weed and we were smoking right after swallowing the tabs so I was feeling light. We were doing our typical shit, laughing and chatting when I felt what seemed to be a ball of energy appear in my stomach. This ball of energy started to grow and grow until it felt like a bubble was growing in size inside of me. I started feeling stranger and stranger and at this point the bubble had covered almost my entire body except for my head. My toes, fingers, hands, arms and chest all felt tingly and as I was telling people how I felt it hit my mouth. The sensation felt like my mouth was numb and that’s when I looked up at my bro sitting across from me and at that very moment…the bubble hit my eyes. Next thing I know my bro’s face starts to melt and stretch and I’m stuck feeling like a spartan in Halo using armor lock to defend against the universe colliding with my face.