What happened next was quite mind-boggling. It was almost as if the existence of everyone else didn’t matter. I began to get hit with waves of emotional boosts that would continue to confuse me for the next couple of hours. About two and a half hours into it others came by to hangout and the energy emanating from them felt heavy and strange. At this point I was sitting on the floor and the feeling was so heavy that I couldn’t move. Any emotion you could possibly get was suddenly amplified tenfold and it felt like I could feel emotion from others radiating from their body. My bro pulled me away from the group and told me that the energy there was negative and it honestly felt like the huge weight on me was lifted. This is where I learned that as easy as it was to walk away from that negativity, I can do that within my own mind.

After spending some time in my brother’s room and watching the drawings on his wall come alive and peel off the walls we decided to go for a walk. As we were walking in a large group everything seemed to revolve around us. The streets were bending for us, the lights were turning for us, and it really seemed as if we knew where we were headed but it was just a random walk. The world just became one huge coincidence making be believe that there are in fact no coincidences and that we’re just on this path because we’re meant to be there. When we got back to my bro’s place that’s when things kind of took a twisted turn. Everyone who wasn’t tripping balls had left and we were left there to take on the second peak of the acid straight to the face.

At this point it was kind of like being around really drunk people in the sense that everyone seemed to be injected with a truth serum. Everyone seemed to suddenly spit nothing but truth out and it was as if they had become computers. I saw inputs being rehearsed by everyone else tripping and the inputs would cause actions to happen. My friend who put me on to the whole 2 tab challenge suddenly become a table of contents. It was as if he had been commanded to say the same things over and over again. The strange part about it was that if he had 6 things to say they would always come out of in the same order.


The only way he would deviate from this order was if i asked him about one of the topics he had presented. We would speak about it and just like that he would continue with the same order of speech as if nothing had happened. While this whole thing had completely blew my mind at that time, I quickly grew tired of hearing the same bits and pieces and eventually took to a different role. I no longer cared to hear what others had to say and decided to let silence take over my existence. When tripping I like to refer to that state of mind as “The Void” seeing as it is a completely different existence compared to the real world; even if this world exists in the same plane as the “real” world. As I sat on the couch and allowed all sound to leave my surroundings it felt as if the couch began to wrap itself around my body. I couldn’t move and soon after i closed my eyes.

Closing my eyes made me feel like i opened them in another reality and I saw complete darkness for a time. Next thing i knew colors started to appear before my eyes like streaks on a canvas. I saw yellow, red, more yellow then blue. Colorful explosions started going off and it was like watching fire works go off in your head. Before long I had to open my eyes and I was welcomed by the comedown. The comedown is when you leave the second peak and begin feeling more and more normal. I took the opportunity to walk out onto the terrace and watched as the sun rose from the east and ignited the clouds with flames.

It was now the next morning.