A feeling of rush and a sudden burst of energy. Felt like something bounced off my face. The only thing I can compare it to which is as close as it gets is having a dodge ball hit you flat on the face. There was no pain. It was as if my body switched to savage mode and was prepared to go primal. It was similar to intense rage with a whole lot of hype. Blood spewing out of my nose like a brook I put on my glasses and let my vision collect itself. All I could see was red and the crowd around me moving like an ocean of human bodies, flowing as one around the pit. I break free of the blind imagination of tearing the dude who hit me apart and realize my nose needs to be tended to. I quickly break through the crowd and come to the bathroom where I turn on the water, hands shaking, ears ringing and I look up to see the blood rushing out of my nostrils onto my lips and beard hairs. As I wash my face at the sink the guy next to me, who had been hit by the same wacko psychopath in that pit who decided to be a human tornado stare at his now busted lip. We make eye contact, fist bump, and he tells me “We made it.”