Hate is such a broad topic and word to try and define. A good friend of mine told me that to hate something means you’re willing to die for it to change. Its an interesting way to look at the word. For me I’d say that for me to be able to hate something I would have to not like anything about it at all to the point where if i REALLY think about it and can’t find a positive angle to the situation then i’m allowed to hate it. I think I can find a way to turn almost anything positive in my mind so i can’t really see myself hating something in my life. At most it would be an extreme dislike towards something but never hate. You can learn many things in this world by just paying attention and really listening/focusing on the words you surround yourself with. If you’re one of the people in the group that comes up with topics that become the conversation, try to not talk too much because its hard to hear what others are trying to feed your mind with when all you can hear is your own voice.