As I get the first initial plunge into the void and get the under water sensation I begin to see notes that I would leave myself all over and all around me. The entire time tripping, I find myself trying to explain what’s happening during my experience. This made me realize that all people are doing while they speak is describing what they see. I’ve simplified all of these feelings I go through with words and I say these words repeatedly like everyone else trying to explain how they feel. While my body goes on autopilot and speaks these words that my mind has come up with I am deep into my mind thinking and deciphering what these words mean to me. These words end up being triggers to chains of thought. When my mind develops these trigger words it is so that I can remember the lessons learned associated to that word. A huge problem we all have and that is more easily seen while I am in a high state is that we have trouble letting go. In the particular case of tripping, thoughts are hard to let go. Dropping a thought that pops up while tripping can either grow or disappear and often times I find myself unable to think about something else. While tripping words always seem to have explosive effects. It was like whenever someone spoke everyone reacts to it and it grows into something so much more.  It’s like when you throw a joke into a room and everyone explodes with laughter. Experiencing something like that when tripping balls is incredible. It’s almost as if you can see and feel the energy in the room in a whole other light. Seeing shit on a whole other spectrum.