So I was smoking this one time and I decided to really pay attention to how it was making me feel. Half way done with the blunt I realized that I was really feeling the music that was playing in the back ground. I put on a station I frequently use on Pandora called chill-out radio. The blunt was pulling great and I thought to myself wow, this is a good roll. My body began moving to the music in weird ways, in all directions. As I continued smoking I got increasingly more high. I started feeling the cold air on the skin of my arms and legs. It was a cool summer night at 62 degrees and the more I felt the coolness on my skin I could feel it on my entire body. At this point a song had been playing the entire time called Mediterranean flower and when it hit a killer guitar solo my body felt like it was submerged in water. As I moved my arms in front of me trying to grasp the energy surrounding my existence it really started to feel like being under water. This is a feeling I first realized on an acid trip at my boys crib where I told him I felt like I was under water and that I can see true things while submerged. On this night while smoking the energy surrounding my body was blue and I think it was as such because of the cold. When I think of cold I think of a light blue a shade darker than the sky. When I was on acid the energy around me was a dark orange transitioning between a yellow-orange and a red-orange. It felt like when I looked around me there were walls and nothing else around me existed. On these walls were scribbles, notes that I had left myself from past trips. They started in white and moved to green and red as I fell deeper into the ocean known as the void. I would see these notes through the course of the 10 hours, constantly appearing reminding me of things. It’s like my brain opens and all my memories can be accessed at will. As i plunge deeper into the abyss of an ocean that seems to have no bottom it feels like taking apart a computer and separating all of the parts that make it work except the computer in this case is my mind. I learned that my memories are stored in my mind like a folder on a computer with many sub folders within it. Each folder titled a word that opens up to a whole bunch of other folders that are also titled words, all leading to memories that my mind has labeled them under. I can’t say what those words are specifically because there are too many but they are slowly being learned and new ones are being created everyday. Of course I can only go so deep into the void until I need to get a breath of air. There is no saying how long I’ll be submerged or if it’ll be the same every single time but every time so far falls under that feeling with minor changes here and there.