Feeling uncomfortable is a very distinct feeling. You recognize when it’s there and although you may not realize it right away that sense of discomfort is there. While speaking with some of my friends I learned about different types of feeling uncomfortable but we were kind of able to summarize the “overall” feeling of it. If I were to try to explain uncomfortable the first thing my mind does is think back on a moment where that feeling took over my body and mind. The air around me becomes thick and it is almost hard to breathe. My body temperature increases but it feels like the warm blanket around my entire body. The color of the energy around me becomes this sort of dark, hazy gray with some dark blue. Usually when I envision dark blue I am thinking of cold but rather than feel cold on my skin I feel the cold run down my spine. It feels like gravity increased because my body feels heavier, the music of my life sounds low, slow and dark kind of like winding up the gears of a wind up music box. My mind starts racing and thoughts start flowing in…why am I here? What am I doing? Whats happening? Whats going on? I don’t want to be here. It becomes as if the entire world around you doesn’t want you there at that specific time. Nothing seems to look right and as out-of-place as everything feels it can’t compare to how out-of-place you feel. Making eye contact seems impossible because it seems like everyone is glaring at you with these vacant eyes, cutting deep into who you are. All you can think about is not being where you are right then, all the while you’re trying to reason with yourself that this feeling is all in your head. When I asked my friends about their opinion one of them told me that for her it’s very similar to how I feel uncomfortable while the other referred to the reaction of food allergies leading him to his most uncomfortable state of mind. The feeling of your body telling you that what ever you put into is doesn’t agree with your body and that it needs to be dealt with. Feeling the parts of you that the object made contact with begin to swell up and become numb and knowing that he over did it with the consumption.