Loops. Almost anyone can tell you a general definition of the word and what a loop is. Its something that moves in a direction and ends up where it started only to repeat itself; kind of like a circle. One could say history is a good example of a loop. Ever since the first time I tripped I’ve noticed loops in people in a way that still amazes me. In my first trip I saw my friend loop before my eyes with his conversation and words but when I would decide to join in on the conversation it was harder and harder to see. From the moment I noticed loops in people I am burdened with this new sight because what has been seen cannot be unseen. I see them in multiple ways whether it be in the form of conversions, routines people do, and just seemingly random actions not being so random. I feel like I’m walking through a world where most of the people in it are “asleep” while I am awake. I hear people say the same things over and over again and people sound more and more like broken records. Repetition isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it turns in cycles and to people it may sound like I’m obsessed with these loops but I can’t help but see them and tell people I see them.

Being able to see loops in people allows me to help them realize their continuous circles and break out of them. I feel like I’m moving in a backwards direction to better understand my own loops so that I can break out of them. What makes it so hard is the fact that these loops can be anything and are within everything around us. Some loops are necessary for us to keep moving but some are hindering us from moving anywhere. If it wasn’t for my ability to see so much of these I wouldn’t be able to see them in myself. Your daily routines are probably the biggest loops in your lives at the moment. What happens at the start of your day? You wake up, go to work/school, sleep, and repeat? Our lives are becoming “one of those days” for far too long to the point that years pass and things are just the same. I can’t really put a date to when I woke up from this loop of a dream that my life was because I’ve been jumping out of so many but I’d say November of 2014 was the beginning of that big change. What I’ve gathered through my journeys is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not be in a loop but it is through our own decisions that we can decide what loops to be in. The world, the universe and every single human being you see through out your day is not only smothered and drowning in loops but they themselves are loops. And just like you and I we’re constantly throwing out parts of our loop to others to see what sticks and what goes unseen.

I am a believer in the influence we all have on everyone around us. After my awareness improved and I was able to see more I see a lot of my own words being spit back at me from others. I didn’t notice this until this one party I was at where I was listening intensely to the conversations going on around me and for a while it felt like I was hearing my own thoughts being spoken in different voices. I had been hearing everything I’ve said to others being told to others, whether they be jokes or serious topics. Now I realize the world is a big place and with that said there are many people out there talking about something somewhere but I knew for a fact that the words I had been hearing were mine. It gave me a better understanding of who in my life is following behind my shadow, not looking to be just like me but picking up pieces of me that I throw out into the world to make their own. It was that day I decided to throw out more positive energy than negative because if people are doing what I am doing then the more negative I am the more negative the world around me will be.

Now you might say, wow that’s a good thing to do or that I decided on a good change, but with this new-found knowledge I have begun testing my power with words on people. Some can call it manipulation but that is such a strong word to use. I much rather think about it as being good at getting specific information/energy out of someone. I’ve gotten good at planting ideas (or seeds as my friend calls them) into people’s minds through conversation that sparks a certain kind of thought within them. It can be pretty low-key at times or completely visible but the result is mostly the same. It becomes easier to do so when the individual is asleep. It’s kind of like whispering into someone’s ear who is strapped down into a chair and their reality is a TV screen right in front of their eyes. I guess in a way it’s my way of seeing who is awake or not. For now I use this method to gather more info from people to increase my knowledge or to give them new phrases to use in their everyday language. It’s like leading children in a direction but I have yet to figure out if in the right direction or not. That might be completely out of my control.