How do we remember things? What goes on in our minds that allow us to remember shit that we’ve forgotten or not really forget information but have it available to us to use for later? I don’t have the knowledge to say exactly how it works but I know that it works somehow and I was able to see how it works for me. This one weekend I took a trip to Clarkson university with my boys where we visited brothers from our fraternity. The inevitable outcome was me getting faded. While the LSD began to hit I found myself in a room known as the 4th floor which was ironic because it was located on the third floor. The room was relatively small with two couches and a bed, a long table in the center of it all with a tv across from the center couch. I was there with 5 of my brothers smoking joints slowly falling towards the realm of trippy-ness. Everyone else in the room was either on shrooms or acid so we were all  about to get caught into the vortex of laughter and bugged out vision. Music from the 80s-90s came on and the vibe it set was fantastic. We all began feeling this sense of elongated “chill” while being hit by the slow-mo of the moment. Eventually everyone left the room and I was left with my brother who was also on acid. I took the moment of silence to look around the room and see the pinkish colored paint on the walls peel off the wall as if it were liquid and gravity had shifted. Glanced at the door and it seemed to leak a sort of ectoplasm from the hallway. The room I was in was a trap of pleasant sights and sounds that almost grasped our bodies preventing movement. I needed to get out.

After some time passed, food consumed and some convincing me and my brother left the pink, shiny room. The goal was to walk through the woods and see the lake we heard so much about. Walking down the hallway felt like it would never end. The hall almost felt like it was breathing and stretching longer. For a second I questioned if I would ever make it outside of the house. Conversations happening all around me, reminding me of lessons that I’ve learned throughout my life. This is something I’ve thought long and hard about before so it was pretty developed when my mind crossed that street again. Some call it memory lane and the only way I can understand that is that as you follow along that path memories flow in and paint a picture in your head. I was reminded that I love my brothers, that no matter where I go and who ever I meet, they are my bros and always will be. I was also made aware of how I control people sometimes. The techniques are still a bit fuzzy and hard to explain but seeing it play out is enough for me to believe it exists. It’s a branch of being very convincing to others.

After leaving the house we walked through what the Clarkson guys call the “trippy woods” until we arrived at a lake side chill spot that they have. Once I was here I couldn’t help but just stare at the night sky. Seeing that many stars in the city is impossible and I couldn’t pass up the chance to gaze. It was here that I remembered that not only is silence not awkward but that I am constantly remembering random things I’ve learned that have been long forgotten. It happens to everyone and I’ve come to the conclusion as to why it happens to me. That reason is something I call trigger words. It’s a big part of how I personally remember things and might be how others do too. I’ll have to get more into that in another post because that topic is a bit exotic for me to think about. The best piece of advice I can give to everyone is WRITE IT DOWN. You are bound to forget it, it is inevitable and believe me when I say this but someone out there needs to hear what you know. You can’t tell them if you can’t remember.