Trigger words was something that got created and stood out to me during my first acid trip ever. I remember the exact scenario that was going on when I figured it out. I was sitting on a couch just observing the situation unfolding before me. It seemed like nothing special at first except it had been the first time everyone in the room had been separated. We split up into 4 different spots in the room and everyone was doing their own thing for a bit. This gave me enough time to analyze them individually and it made me realize something. When ever a word would be said they would react to it with their face and their actions. When a word was said such as “caught” or “loop” one of us would seem to “snap out of the haze” that we were trapped in. Originally I had called this safe words because it would seem to break them out of their trip for a second. Loop became a trigger word for me and how it worked was quite magical.

It felt like you would continuously fall towards a deeper trance until hearing these words. These words would be forgotten as soon as they were remembered and leave you in a state of clarity for a second. I would see the others around me looping and looping with their actions and movements and it was all because of these TWs. Everyone had their own including myself and I would never know what mine is until it was too late and the word was resonating in my mind. It felt like running through a forest while having no idea where you’re headed. You look around you and every direction looks to lead just as far as the last. You mark a tree to signify the starting point of this journey out of the forest and run in a direction hoping you’ll get somewhere but find yourself back at the same tree you started. You see the marking you left and realize you had no clue how you got back to the start point. This is the power of TWs.

While sitting on the couch and feeling exhausted from “running” in the forest of my mind I made it a point to remember what I had discovered so i left a note for myself on my phone. As days went by and I had more time to think it over I decided to journey and dissect the idea of these Tws in my own life.What I discovered is that I use these words to remember things. When my mind is presented with a word it automatically associates with something in your head. Often times when I listen to conversations or think about things to myself I label these conversations or give them a name. It helps me remember a whole lot more because it’s almost like the words open up and open up so many more words. Think about when you use computers and you create a folder. You put other files within the folder and sometimes more folders. Think of trigger words as the initial folder and when the word enters your mind and you actually HEAR the word it opens up the folder and boom you have access to everything in it.

This is how I access my mind to remember things, to recall what the start of the conversion was, and how i access other people’s mind. It’s simple enough to understand, if you want to talk about a specific topic the topic is composed of the trigger word. What tends to happen next in a conversation is that it will deviate from the original topic through other TWs being activated, becoming a step to the great ladder that the conversion ends up becoming. I’m sure it’s happening through this entire post as you read it right now. It’s easy to not notice it happening but I notice it clearly. This allows me to jump through the words of the conversation being spoken to find the beginning. Ever find yourself lost in thought or lost in a conversation where you don’t remember where you were going with it because its gone too far off on a tangent? It happens to me all of the time but its a fun exercise jumping back down the stairs. When something like this happens instead of thinking about where it began I think about the path I took to get there. Literally retracing my steps to find the start. I feel like a lot of people get so enveloped by trigger words that they forget the word that triggered it all.

TWs are chosen by our minds without us even noticing but when you really pay attention you can see them. In a way all words are capable of being a trigger but it’s the ones that stand out the most, the ones that cause another tree of thought to grow around the original that truly are triggers. Remember the beginnings and never forget the finish line. Don’t get lost in the middle.