This is when we are in a group talking about random shit. When a subject is laughed at, the people in the conversation take the subject, and shoot out variations of the original joke. Many jokes come from one initial joke that starts it all. These “additions” or “branches” add to the already existing laughter extending it and making it stronger. This causes more and more laughter to add to the pool that was created and it becomes a circle of people shooting out literally nonsense. Often times we find ourselves laughing at things we don’t understand or at things that just don’t make any sense. Why do we do this? Why does laughter become such a huge part of the moment? It is so distracting sometimes when there is empty laughter. You ever find yourself unable to recall what the hell you were laughing at only to remember it at a later date? That’s the laughter effecting your memory because it consumes the entire moment until there’s nothing left but laughter itself. Laughter is a plague that spreads swift. It is so swift that you would think its silent because of how it sneaks up on you. We catch the giggles as easily as we catch the common cold. Next time you laugh think about the why but i warn you, when you start thinking while others are laughing you HEAR EVERYTHING. It was quite the surprise to me when I realized how much context is missed over the sound of your own laughter.