Walked on a 6 train that had a fair amount of people but it was still kind of spacious. As i continue my stride in i notice the man in front of me stop and stare at the floor. Me being curious joined him on his discovery which quickly became mine. There was vomit all over the floor as if someone were sitting there passed out with their head on their lap. Suddenly they wake up and boom their body has made the decision to expel the recently drank poison. It looked like it’s been there a while but who knows. It must have been one hell of a night for that individual. With partying and good vibes or impulse drinking due to some type of stress. I bet they were embarrassed when it happened. I wonder if they ran out right away or if I’m just completely wrong and it happened while standing. I’ve seen both scenarios unfold in front of me before so anything is possible. It will definitely make for a story to tell someone somewhere in the world. The amazing part about it is that they will take something from the story without them even realizing it. Everyone on the train looks tense, trying to avoid the vomit covered spot. People walk in and walk out just as quickly. There is no smell coming from it so i don’t see the problem. I have a seat so who cares about anyone else. The train isn’t moving due to delays and everyone seems impatient. Half of the train is crowded while the vomit side is nice and roomy. I just want to get home because its getting late. Ten minutes and the train is still at the station. Train delayed at the next station preventing movement. Music blasting and thoughts racing. What am I going to do once I get home. I look at my legs and think about preparing myself for the long ass walk I’ll need to do to get home. The train doors finally close and the train starts moving. The train almost feels as if it’s rocking back and forth. Eyes get heavy and the music slows down. I realize no music is playing at all. Lights out. I blink and look around and I’m no longer underground. I’m 3 stops away from my stop and the train’s emptier than when I first got on. Put on Pandora so that my thoughts stop. Music.