Thanks to ii for the idea

Went for some pizza one night after work with my homies. We had just finished smoking a blunt so we were toasty and full of joy, a tad hungry but not really, and there was a $1 spot near by so fuck it. Out of no where he mentions never seeing a female drug dealer. Come to think of it I haven’t seen one either. I asked him how it would feel like if he did meet a female drug dealer and he said something that made me think. He said that it would be an Easter egg in real life. I found this to be so fascinating because the whole aspect of an “Easter egg” in video games is tiny things the developers left for the players to find. These Easter eggs are usually very hard to find and require extreme means to see. What else would be considered an Easter egg in real life? I would say anything that is rare to see or something that can only be seen through extreme effort. Have you ever found something extremely random in an out of the blue spot? Perhaps in a park, in a forest or an abandoned building. Either way these so-called “Easter eggs” exist and I encourage the curious to find them. Most of them are probably in plain sight, ignored by the tunnel visioned masses walking the earth. Who is to say that they are supposed to look a certain way but one thing is for sure, we’ll know it when we see it. A couple that I could say I found ranged from a random sticker at a place where you wouldn’t think to find one such as in a train tunnel or at a high place, to an alley way I hang out at that is covered in graffiti that not many people get to see, to a random engraving on a tree in the middle of no where. Keep your eyes peeled and do a 360 sometimes; never know what you’ll find.