1. Let it go/move on. No point in living in the past.
  2. Life is beautiful.
  3. There is no good or bad news, there is just news.
  4. We can choose where to plant a seed but we cannot choose what it grows into. It is our job to believe in that seed, to guide it and to nurture.
  5. When we get closer to death we become one with nature, one with everything and that is both the end and the beginning.
  6. Open your eyes. There is so much to be seen that we don’t see because we blind ourselves from the world.
  7. Our spirit can be lost for a long time, in a cold and dark place. The moment when we find our spirit is when we save ourselves from the dark.
  8. We are one with the universe.
  9. We are constantly fighting for life because life is precious.
  10. Never give up.
  11. The more complex things get the simpler it gets and vise versa so BE SIMPLE.
  12.  Everything in life is a paradox to itself.
  13. Pay attention
  14. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. We are the deciders of our state of mind.
  15. Deal with your own shit.
  16. Get to the point
  17. Ignorance is bliss.
  18. Look before _________.
  19. Patience
  20. We cannot accomplish anything unless we decide to make it so.
  21. Love
  22. Empathy