As the days go by I begin to notice more and more that although I do not feel any different after birthdays, I am indeed aging rapidly and getting older by the second. It hasn’t dawned on me so clearly up until now as to how maturity is going forward nonstop with everyday of life and that I am becoming one of the “old guys”. I am hanging out with people who call each other, along with others (who tend to be younger)”kid”. I remember when people would be call me kid as easily as I call my brother bro and now i find myself doing just that. I can no longer stay up all night, pulling off all nighters have become harder and harder as I value sleep more than before. My tolerance for shenanigans and substances has also dropped and I find myself getting tired more quickly than before. Responsibilities are piling up and it is as if there’s 1-3 new responsibilities per year. It makes me think back on when my mom used to add a chore for me to do every year. I make my own money and spend my own money. I buy my own supplies and clothes and pay bills. So much needs to be done within this short time we have on earth.

Going with the flow of things is something I’ve always kind of done, taking what life gives me one day at a time but as we approach a certain age I realize that this must change. Priorities change as quick as they came, life is unpredictable and I feel as if I learn as many lessons now as I did as a child. The reasons for older folks to say things to me as a child are becoming clear and making sense. I’ve come to really learn about actions and consequences during my time in college as that has been a major role in my life’s change in path. Thoughts about the future are a must so that there is little struggle. Everything that has been done up until now has been to secure my future and not only have me where I am now, but to have me where I am 10 years from now, hopefully not struggling with what ever might be knocking at my door at the time.

Discovering and thinking about our purpose in life has been a normal conversation in my life for a while now and  its a topic worth thinking about. So many choices can be made on a day-to-day basis but where does it all lead? I see the reasons behind the warnings I’ve received over the years and it all makes sense but was I wrong to not follow them all? Where would i be now if i decided to focus a bit more on my studies? Where would I be if i put my all in my work and made sacrifices like my parents have drilled into my head all my life? The answer to these questions is something we could never know because there is no re-do button for life.

We live in a never stopping, never slowing down world that is only moving faster and faster and keeping up is something we have to do or risk being left behind. We must understand all that has happened in our lives up to this point and realize that our lives are a result of every single experience we’ve ever had and I think that makes us all beautiful. Although at times i feel like I’m behind where i should be, I have no regrets because of all the experiences that have graced my existence. I knew the path that was set for me from my parents wasn’t going to work for me, even if it was the best path for success. This does not mean that i failed because i didn’t follow the best path, but that I must create my own path, a new one not seen by my mentors or parents that will lead me to my own acceptable success.

Never give up, Keep it pushing, and move forward. Don’t dwell in the past but do not be afraid to look back on the past every now and again. It’s ok to recognize your mistakes and its ok to make those same mistakes again. You live and learn and are constantly working towards perfecting yourself. Have a little faith in yourself and you’ll go a long way.