into the void

The void, a place full of as much unknown as known. A place where everything you could possibly imagine exists and becomes real. The void can be good, bad, scary, pleasant, ugly, and beautiful. There is no limit to what the void can be or become because the void is created and given shape by your mind. The void is a realm reachable when you leave the state of sober. Sober creates a barrier-like shield around your body that’s sort of like a haze. It fogs your vision and prevents you from opening your eyes to the full extent possible. The minute you break away from that bubble protecting you, you realize that there’s a whole different world out there. You’re perception of details of things around you opens up and you begin to realize that there’s more than what you see.

As I could only imagine some people will think, hmm well is there no way to get to/see the void otherwise? The answer to that is no, but the means of which you use to break the sober can vary. One might think that you need alcohol or drugs in order to succeed with this but have you ever been high off life? Have you ever been high off laughing at a really silly joke that ended up being the funniest thing you’ve ever heard at the time? Have you ever been drunk in love? Have you ever meditated to a point where what sober feels like was no longer a thing? People work differently but it all arrives at the void.

Now when you get to the void it may seem confusing at first or you may not even notice but its there. Once you get to the void that’s when the magic happens. The best thing about being in this place is that you learn so much about everything and yourself. Questions get answered, more questions are created, things may seem brighter and more joyful, some things might seem more grim and sad, all of which belong to the same place. This realm is like a big canvas that you can paint freely, without anyone telling you what to put down and it is all dependent on your feelings and whats on your mind. It took me a while to see the beauty in things until I saw it in the void and when I realized that the beautiful was created through me my life was changed from that moment on.

Explore, learn, and create in the void but be warned…the you that goes in might never come out.