Often times doing drugs or poisoning our bodies is seemed as bad or the thing that we should not do, but why? There is no correct answer to this question because everyone does everything differently and for different reasons. We hear people say that they do these things to forget bad memories, to have fun, or maybe to sleep or feel better but with this logic aren’t there many ways to accomplish these things? Perhaps peer pressure is a large part of it when we follow the crowd or “go with the flow”. I think something we could agree on is that poison and drugs are for the purpose of “escape”.

What are we escaping though? What is there to escape? There are countless things we can escape from with drugs and alcohol, whether it be our worries, sadness, stress, or depression. I see it everyday and have gotten so used to it that I just brush it off. Of course I cannot speak for others because I can’t read minds but it can be really obvious. When people become intoxicated they tend to be more truthful, but what I can’t grasp is why people need poison to be truthful. It is as if we’re built to lie and deceive. When people smoke weed they tend to be more chilled out and relaxed, open to laughter more than usual and become hungry. Why can’t this be a norm without putting harmful substances into our bodies? Perhaps its too difficult to obtain.

People are quick to judge and society teaches us what the majority deems good and bad but how can people decide what’s good and bad for others when they can only speak for themselves?  I guess it all comes down to the “why” we do things but then again we don’t see much attention to the caffeine or tobacco addicts. That’s a problem that could be on par with drug or alcohol addiction. Think of the WHY and decide if it’s a good reason.

My “why” is that everything seems to slow down. We live in a fast paced world where nothing stops or slows down for anyone. We live in an existence that is going in one direction no matter what you do and that direction is forward. Sure we can live in the past but its all in your head. If you trip and fall, you get up and keep it pushing. If a relationship ends with a lover or friend, you may feel down for a little bit but eventually you will be alright because we keep moving forward and time heals all wounds. Sometimes I feel like things are going way too fast or faster than it should but that’s just life.