Sadness is that feeling you get in the back of your head as if you were literally keeping it in the back of your mind. It creeps up on your when you least expect it like a headache from caffeine withdrawal. Your head feels heavy and water begins collecting behind your eyes but they won’t come out. Trouble swallowing, negative thoughts begin rolling in and they don’t stop. You get hit with a sense of doubt and its a downward spiral of emotion from there. You can’t seem to stop thinking about it because things begin reminding you of the bad instead of the good. Negativity. Why does it feel so heavy all of a sudden? Eye sockets begin to feel pressure and the headache doesn’t go away. How do you fight or run away from your own head? Enshrouded in a dark cloud that blocks your vision, the path to the light becomes blocked. Guilt. You feel like its your fault and no one else’s and begin thinking of ways that it could have gone better. Heart pounding and the throbbing of the headache transfers to the heart. Feels like someone is squeezing it tighter and tighter. Fatigue. Lack of energy prevents much movement and you try to rest or sit down but the heaviness around you just gets heavier. Boom you see some light. You look at it and you feel the heaviness, the headache, and everything go away. You’re becoming calm again and breathing a little easier. You break out a smile and remember you’re strong and capable of fighting sadness because you’re amazing and alive. And as quick as it came it leaves, like a wave at a beach when it hits the sand.