There I was, hanging out in my friends bedroom when the 3 tabs I just dropped began hitting me like a brick. The walls looked like they were covered with light bulbs and they were lighting up at a steady rate. My vision began getting blurry and I had to sit down for a moment. As I sat there alone I could hear sound coming from the other room. At first I couldn’t tell what the sound was but all I did know was that it was familiar. It sounded strange and wave-like, as if the sound itself was energy being twisted and flowing freely. I began freaking out in my mind because I soon realized the familiar sound is just laughter. I did not understand it at all. For a couple minutes I heard laughter as if I had never heard it before in my life. It sounded like a cloud was floating back and forth in the room, a cloud of mouths laughing. For a time I feared leaving the room because I wasn’t sure what i’d see. Thoughts began flowing through my mind like a waterfall about what was in the next room. It was too overwhelming to think about. I decided to leave the room and face what ever battle was waiting for me in the next room.

As I got up from my seat I began imagining ridiculous things such as a giant jelly fish floating in the next room with mouths protruding¬†from its body throwing out laughing noises. I walked through the door of the bedroom and entered the dining/living room only to find everything but what I had imagined. I had forgotten that it was an acid party and that there were others there. Just about everyone was in the room with the source of the laughter in the middle of them, as if the power source in a complicated system. The source, or as the situation called for “the horn” noticed my entry and turned in my direction. Little did I know at the time the horn was controlling everyone’s attention so when I was spotted the horn threw everyone’s energy my way. At that moment everyone turned towards me and I made eye contact with all of them. Their eyes seemed like endless pits of darkness as if they were soul-less.

Panic, that is the feeling that overcame my existence. What I saw only freaked me out even more and I had to move away from it all. Voices could be heard coming from the vacant looking bodies around me as if speaking my name. I had to push past it all and head towards the balcony, telling myself that none of what I had been perceiving was happening the way it was. Every step forward was heavier than the last until I was able to see the doorway leading to my salvation. None of the people in the room were the person I was looking for and everyone seemed to be repelled from going out to the balcony. Walking out onto the balcony was like passing a really difficult level in a video game and given a save station. The air was cool and refreshing and acted as a reminder to me that this world is real. I stood there like a statue for a couple of seconds as to enjoy the breeze hitting my face. I turned around and sitting there was the man I seek, the only other person to take 3 tabs.

He was sitting down on a chair, motionless with a stare that seemed to rip through dimensions. I hurried myself towards him because I was slowly losing my grip on reality. “YO! I can’t be the only one feeling what I’m feeling right now! What are you feeling right now?” I asked to no avail. He just sat there…motionless. I didn’t know what to do so I did the only thing I could do at the time which was sit next to him on a chair that seemed to be there by destiny. Without delay I sat down on the chair, thinking that the only way I could communicate with him is to join him in his meditative state. As I sat down on the chair my body felt as if it were being wrapped up and held still. I was unable to move and my mind was racing. As I sat there unable to move it was like a TV screen moved in front of my face. I was unable to move and ultimately forced to watch what ever the screen wanted to show me. I was about to go down the rabbit hole.