From the early days of my childhood up until now I have always encountered situations where I would say something that I would later regret. These situations usually bring me down because I end up dwelling on the negativity it brings. As I have matured I realize that although you should speak your mind, sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Sometimes it can be a good thing to correct people for their ignorance or tell them that their way isn’t the best in your opinion while suggesting your own way, but the reality is that it is equally as good as it is bad. It can be so hard to decide what is right and wrong in this situation because everyone is different and can handle different things. I find myself saying the first thing that pops up in my mind because I feel like there’s nothing more genuine than that but sometimes we have to take the extra step and think about what we say. I hate having to really think about what I say to certain people just because there’s a chance for them to be offended. I personally prefer cruel honesty over sugar coated nonsense, but not everyone is like me. When sharing my opinion, thoughts or feelings often times I feel like it backfires on me and it stresses me out. It could just be me but when I open up to someone they shouldn’t make me feel bad about it, but who’s to say I don’t do that exact same thing. The only conclusion I am able to arrive at is that somethings are better off not said. I have no way to know what should or shouldn’t be said aside from just thinking over what you’re about to say a couple times. It’s safe to say that this method of deciding what to say only applies to those who’s feelings you care about. All I can do is maintain a positive outlook on things while keeping away from the negative.