While falling deep into meditation I began speaking with my higher self. My higher self was a being of light. Imagine the silhouette of someone except instead of being a dark outline is made of a bright light. What my higher self told me was that it and I are one in the same, that I am also a being of light and that what I see is my true form. It also told me that what I see before me is the life force that makes me alive and that same life force has powered the lives of other things. It could not tell me about these past lives because it did not know of them as separate things, but rather as one. I asked what the point of all this was and it told me life was meant to be enjoyed. The life force that I am is part of the main source of life which I guess could be considered as God. Similar to how cells split into multiple cells the first source of life, which in my opinion would be God, split into 2 and as time progressed continued splitting and here we are now. The connection between it and I was tough to maintain and I felt it fading so I asked another question. I asked how do I become like you? It said, “I don’t know although I should know because I’m you and here I am.” Without even being able to say farewell the connection was lost and I was back to reality.