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As time has gone by I have begun to further understand that which I saw but could not put together. While traveling through the void I encountered these notes I left for myself as mentioned in my first post. These notes I leave behind act as benchmarks for me when I go through certain thought processes. When I think about something I often come to a conclusion or close to one and the thought that I arrive at acts as the note I leave behind for myself.

These notes can change of course and sometimes gets edited when I arrive at them again but more times than not they remain the same. I make these notes for myself because there are just too many things to think about, too many things happening, and it’s too hard to keep track of it all. An example of these notes being of use is when I speak to the people I know. Often times someone will do something that I’d say was “unexpected” but then I begin thinking about it more and realize that it in fact is expected based on the note I had left for that person.

I am an observer and researcher at all times and I pay attention to many things people would think go unnoticed. I have made and am still making mental notes of everything to the point where I might have an answer to everything I know already if I think about it enough. I try to dwell in the positive notes of things because sometimes the negative happens way less often but depending on the person some negative notes might move to the front of my priority list.

A strong dislike I have is when things seem to be going great with someone/thing and then it hits a dead end and I’m stuck there thinking, why? The thought of ‘why’ acts as a trigger in my mind causing it to look for the answer and more times than not I already have the answer in my head. These notes aren’t built around assumptions because assumptions can stray you to the wrong path. My internal notes are comprised of experience only. The only hope I can have for when I get reminded is that it will change to the better if not already there.