I’m the type of friend that takes no shit from people. I have no problem calling you out on your shit and telling you how it is, especially if I care about you. Normal people I’d probably drop a quick lesson or a slick piece of wisdom but for those I call friend I aim to improve you and help you become a better version of yourself. I’m not there to be nice to you and make you feel good all of the time. When someone is knocked out cold and passed out, sometimes you need more than a little shake for them to wake up. Sometimes you have to shake them hard. That’s me…I’m there to give you a hard shove rather than a little push. I show love by being tough on you so that you can grow and become the best you can be. We all love the way we love and my way of loving is as genuine and real as anyone else’s way. Sure, my methods can cause people to run away but that’s okay because I expect that to happen. No one likes being told how they mess up or how they can improve. People tend to become scared because I present them with themselves through reflection. Everyone reflects but it’s ultimately up to you to decide to learn from it or to ignore it.

I can be a shoulder to lean on or cry on, an ear to listen to everything you feel like talking about, someone to show you the bright side to anything you might feel is only darkness, and someone to make you laugh when you’re feeling down. I can be kind and caring like an older brother but can also tease your insecurities to show you that it’s okay and that you shouldn’t see them as such. I am a reminder of how great you are and how great you will always be. I will show you your flaws and help you grow from them while growing from mine as well. I am your reflection so pay attention to what you see because you will see yourself within me. I am an inspiration and a means of improvement for those who chose to have me in their life. It’s hard to make me laugh sometimes but that’s probably because I don’t find you funny rather than me being unhappy. I’d be there for you when I can and I’ll go out of my way for you. I can see beauty in all things including you.