Everything in existence unlocks a club. So what do I mean by this? What even is a club? For starters a club is a group of people organized for a similar cause or purpose. Similar to how it is in video games where achieving a certain level, skill or rank puts you into a category. These categories can be seen as a club. Experiences such as traveling, hiking, camping, skate boarding, smoking, drinking, partying, ect ALL put you someplace where you suddenly can relate to someone else or a large group of people and next thing you know you have a label that puts us into a club. Experience is one hell of a thing in life because it acts as a key to so much more than we can even imagine. Oh you smoke weed? you’re a stoner and then suddenly you sound like a stoner and look like one. I’ve literally heard someone say to someone else who said something a bit crazy, crazy because it was hard to understand but somewhat clear, that they sound like someone on acid. Now of course how could you even know what that means unless you’ve either been on acid or around people who were on acid? (aside from books of course)

Some clubs I’ve noticed being a part of just to name a few are the “long hair” (for men), “metal”, “frat”, “leather jacket”, “stoner”, “chill”, and “can handle their drinks” clubs. Now of course these “clubs” may or may not actually exist and are just named after what I like to refer to them as. It’s just this weird thing that sort of unlocks in your head when you start doing things that makes you notice other people doing the same thing. It’s sort of like that in real life too…once you “unlock” something by doing it you begin to notice it everywhere and you can sort of weed out or recognize others who might fall into the same category as you as a result.. It’s a pretty awesome, especially when other people within these clubs interact with you or others in that group. There always seems to be that sense of, “hey you’re one of us whats up?”, and it just all comes together to this beautiful interaction of similar people sharing a moment in their lives. It’s sort of like playing a fighting game such as mortal combat or soul caliber where there are characters that are just shadows because you haven’t unlocked them yet but once you unlock them you can see them and use them.