Sometimes you just have to write and not think about the title. I feel as if that allows the thought to flow easier and the removal of a topic is HUGE when it comes to just putting down everything that flows into your mind. It acts almost like a barrier sometimes when all you want to do is let your mind wander. There never has to be an order to anything. Things can just happen. Giving something an order of operations or rules just makes it easier to replicate but of course this should act as no surprise as we are in a constant loop. Everything about us is a cycle but what my mind has told me is that you can change a cycle. While in the middle of our many loops you arrive at the beginning again and again. It wouldn’t be a circle if you didn’t find your way back to the start again. From here is where you rewrite everything. Lucky for all of us the beginning of every cycle begins with our breath of life. Every single breath you take is a brand new life given to you. As long as your heart is beating, every single beat is the beginning of your cycle. Now that you are aware of the sacred beginning you may begin rewriting your cycle to be the story you want your life to be right now.

I find it ironic that voices are heard of the deceased after they stop living. Why do we not take in the message completely until it’s too late? I feel like this happens because we’ve always knew what the deceased were trying to say but we fill out minds with doubt to the point where we NEED to question what is already answered in our mind for that extra reassurance. Once they’re gone that reassurance is gone and we see it clearly because they aren’t there to repeat themselves, rather we are left to think about it until we realize the answer is already in our brain. Forever the voice of everyone will be an echo that will sound through generation and generation, forever moving things forward, the one direction of the universe. Everything keeps going, everything goes, nothing stops and neither will you. You are eternal.