Yin and yang, light and dark, day and night, up and down, love and hate. Opposites makes up this world and everything in it. There is 1 coin with 2 sides. The coin is both sides. The coin is you. I must point out that this does not mean that beautiful is ugly or that the good is the bad. What this means is that we have the potential to be either side of the coin. Darkness and light resides in all of us but it is up to us to figure out not only the balance of things but which side we want to be the extreme. It all comes down to choice, our birth given right to decide on our own the path we decide to walk. Now that we know that we hold this power of choice, why not choose to lift up your fellow human when the opportunity arises? Tell someone they look good today or that their presence in life matters. Of course there is the exception for those who need what I like to call tough love but that’s just you tackling their extreme with your own to balance it out. Awaken your perceptions so that you may see both sides of the coin for you are it.