Society to me is like a giant bubble composed of many different people who are all alike in some way. Society is a very dark place but where there is darkness there is also light. Throughout my life I’ve encountered those who I would consider to be lights in the dark and the sad part about it is that they may not even know. There is so much negativity and people complaining about the things they should be grateful for filling this bubble that it becomes hazy and hard to see. It’s like walking through a forest at night alone. The sad part of all this is that everyone within the bubble is a light but they just haven’t realized it. Then you have those who dwell in the darkness. Some know they are there but then there are the those who don’t. People who don’t know they are within the darkness can’t see the darkness because they can’t see the light either. The hope I have is that a light can show those that light exists and help awaken their inner light. As a light living in a world full of both I feel as though I see light within things more than the dark while seeing both spectrums. I find it difficult sometimes because as a light (or darkness) you attract the opposite and the opposite can seem so foreign sometimes. It’s hard for an up to understand a down but I feel that it is absolutely necessary for both to exist and for people to come into contact with both in order to grow and gain a different kind of appreciation.