Came across a couple interesting messages today that seemed to resonate and almost call out to me. The first is that enlightenment is knowing how much you don’t know, but this is just the beginning. The next step is doing research to fill up the holes in your mind that represent lack of knowledge. The next message is about those who are “awake” and still “asleep”. Those of us who are awake should not try to wake up those who are sleeping, because it is not our job to do so. Those still sleeping are not babies and do not need us to hold their hand. What we must instead do is walk our own path in life. We must figure out our calling, our purpose and purse it! By doing this we attract people to our tribe, because they then begin to look up to us and follow. We must be the energy we want to attract! The Universe, God, or whatever you’d like to call IT, speaks to you every single day! Sometimes you just have to stop and listen to it. There are hidden messages in between the lines…what lines? The lines that are on the script of your life. You begin to see the messages the more conscious you become.