Raising one’s voice makes the individual seem angry and aggressive. Something not always needed.

You should only miss something when it is gone forever. Instead of associating that feeling with sadness, it should be a blessing because that means that thing or person meant something to you.

Telling yourself you can do it and meaning it is one of the hardest things to do because that involves believing in your own ability. Woke up feeling overwhelmed and I have no idea why. I spent hours lost in thought trying to figure out what is the cause and then it hit me…all I have to do is ask myself why and think of the “why” to figure out the what.

I see the goal and the direction that I need to take but I am halted by distractions. I’ve decided to rid myself of SOME of these distractions. The reason I say some is because you must practice moderation and balance in all things in order to remain sane.

Question everything! It is important to ask about what you don’t understand if you seek to understand. There are no coincidences.