I find myself getting caught up in things that I don’t really need to be stuck in, but it happens anyway. We miss out on so many beautiful things due to technology, but I am here to tell you that it is alright. It is okay to miss out on some stuff because everything in and every part of life is beautiful. Life itself is one giant masterpiece that you are able to be a part of. The more I think on this the more I see the similarities but everything in existence is a reflection of myself. Everything down to the microscopic organisms to everything in the universe. The feeling that I’m equal to a sun or an entire galaxy is both empowering and scary. How can one man have this much power? What is the right way to use this power? Should it remain controlled or tested for a limit? I had a vision of us as a black hole which means we have NO LIMIT.

Today I asked myself if it’s worth being a dick to people and the response I came up with is that in order to have change it must begin with me.