Reminders, messages that you yourself create, send out into the world and run into again later. You should never feel bad when you think certain ways because there is a reason for everything and there is no such thing as accidents.

People change and some people don’t. Everyday you will encounter people trying to fuck with your vibe. Don’t let it affect you, don’t worry about it. Show them your vibe and they will become it. However, if they don’t…just move on and be happy! I’ve noticed that I am my happiest when I can be myself 100% without distraction of who I really am.

Everything revolves around cycles and eventually history literally repeats itself. It is as if moving in a circle is a natural law that governs us. Breaking down the natural order of things we see shapes. A circle for life and a triangle is what we humans are trying to create.

When we name something we give it meaning, purpose, and greater understand but this artificial purpose deviates from its actual purpose. We must find ours in the sea of purpose that we swim in.