Part of a lesson my mom tried to drill into me but never quit gave her the result she wanted. Countless times she would talk about how there’s nothing but trouble at night. Everywhere outside of home is considered the streets. Of course that was just her being a mom and caring for my well-being and I agreed with her on her views. The thing with that tho…is that although I agreed with her I didn’t give a fuck. This being my life I’m going to make my own decisions. As I thought on this I began looking around and noticing that everything is always happening at every moment. Sure trouble is happening at night, but it is also happening during the day. There isn’t a moment where “trouble” isn’t happening so just live your life and do what you want.

This of course all making me realize that all the moments I choose to make a reality are fucking amazing. While I’m out for a stroll while taking a smoke this hits me and I’m just looking around and looking at my surroundings and absolutely loving it. I’m seeing these things at that moment and the only one doing so. When I’m out bar hopping or something and I reach the point where I’m drunk but the kind of drunk where you’re still functional; a functional drunk. I start to see the area I’m at and I can never tell if it’s my own litness that’s making everyone and everything look lit or if everyone is also lit. If you do out of the ordinary shit you’ll find yourself in out of the ordinary places. You’ll see stuff that you and many others would not otherwise see unless they “broke the mold” of staying home and sleeping super early.

Waking up on the last stop of the 3at 5am ain’t pretty. You become one of the passed out fools on the train who are just KOed. Doesn’t matter tho cuz you made it and you’re still alive. Keep pushing and you made it back home safe and sound with all your shit.