Life almost seems like a video game. People go through your life like NPCs in which they speak only one thing then leave you to pick different choice/speech options. You never really know when they have a piece of information you can use. You make companions and gather objects to further your quest called life. You have skills and level them up the more you practice. You eat and sleep to replenish health.

What is time? What if all time really was is the span of our life? Everyone and everything alive has its own time and that time is Earth’s. Perhaps time in space is different because space is it’s own living entity. Maybe time comes in layers, space being the first layer and everything else coming after. How much influence does the sun’s time have on ours? Does gravity effect the rate in which time flows? The lack of knowledge I have in the matter compels me to find out but I know I won’t. I won’t because other things, other pieces of knowledge are of greater priority.

Making a decision to better yourself is as easy as waking up in the morning and going to shower, you don’t want to but you have to and it’s a lot easier to do than you would think.