When we compare things to other things, we devalue the thing because it no longer is the thing.

When experiencing life we must cut off all thought. When we do this, we experience the experience fully. Take it in while empty and you will become full. See it, feel it, smile at it, don’t think about it, let it be, let go, come back, try to remember, remember what you’re supposed to remember, tell what you’re supposed to tell.

Complete oneness with the universe happens when you listen to the universe and not yourself. Once you connect with the natural sounds of the world you will begin to hear it talk to you and you will be able to talk to it as well. The universe has all of the answers. You are the universe.

When meditating first focus on your breathing and then focus on calming your pace. Try to not hear yourself breathing so that you can listen to everything else. Once calm, look into the darkness of your closed eyes and see what your mind wants you to see.