With everyone I’ve met I develop cycles with them. The cycle per person usually differs but on occasion multiple people will get added to my cycle. Once you become part of my cycle, you take a part of it with you and it becomes part of your own cycle. You may or may not ever tap into that cycle again but it will always be a part of you. I can maintain certain cycles with people if I maintain my own. Try to imagine switches within someone’s head. I flip the ones I want within them and search for the perfect balance for me. The end result is both sides happy. Sometimes you can’t flip the right switches. Sometimes you only get one chance to flip the right switches. Sometimes it dies from one wrong switch and sometimes you get a second chance.

Spread goodness and both goodness and badness will come your way. Why does this happen? This happens because there is no good or bad. Because there is a balance, you adding to it shakes up the pot. Once shaken, you get hit by both good and bad, which is everything.