Heart vs Mind. Which side do we choose? I often ask myself this question as I do not know the answer. Sometimes it feels like following your instincts would be the go-to strategy but when is it not? I think it largely depends on the situation, BUT what happens when both the heart and mind come up with equally as brilliant solutions/responses? Do I flip a coin or do I think selfishly and go the route that benefits me the most? I believe this clouding of judgement comes from both judgement paths.If the situation in question has love put into it and is built-in love, the first instinct should come from the heart. You might as well put love into loving. When it comes to anything that isn’t true love, the mind is allowed to take the wheel and do what it does.

Lessons are everywhere and within all things. If you really look and stop to listen, the lessons will reveal themselves to you. Beware because once your eyes open to the lessons you will never see things the same way. The simplest thing you can imagine will teach volumes. Every lesson there is to learn is happening at the same time, everyday, all day, and these lessons are all products of love and fear.