Decided to take on myself head on by taking 2 tabs of LSD. On this journey many things happened. Not only was I able to find my smile, but I also found unconditional love for myself which in turn became love for the world. I learned that my smile makes the world around me smile, that my mood creates my world. On Easter I had figured out that when you laugh the world laughs. I feel like that lesson was the seed to allow me to realize that your mood and mindset is EVERYTHING! Later on while relaxing on my bed I began hearing a woman’s voice and thought…maybe that’s my inner voice or past life self talking to me. While thinking this I saw a giant, colorful spider walk over my body and the feeling in my limbs began fading. As I lay there in amazement towards the spider I realize now that the feeling in my limbs had completely left me now but it all felt very familiar. I was about to leave my body again via lucid dreaming/astral projection. Sure enough I find myself in a completely different realm. The sky looked like an ocean of blue, green, turquoise and teal all mixed together. The ground was similar in color except there were white lines as far as the eye can see. The lines came together to form a grid of squares like a cheese board. The most profound thing about this place was the being in front of me just floating there while in a meditative pose. The being, appearing to be both man and woman, looked oddly familiar to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My collection of knowledge and visual learning told me that this was a deity that I’ve seen before but didn’t know much of at all. It was a blue humanoid with 4 arms. Later I come to the realization that I’m face to face with a Hindu deity, Vishnu. I’m not quite sure how or why Vishnu appeared to me but it was definitely him. Vishnu was in a deep meditative trance and seemed to not be aware of my presence. My mind was racing. What do I do? Before me was this entity that I’ve never seen before and yet somehow I felt like I was looking at myself. I thought that was me on a higher plane of existence, my higher self. This further sparked my theory that I am God, a God, and that everyone may be Gods as well. When I thought of speaking I realize my consciousness was all that there was and that my body remained on Earth. Almost instantly after realizing I didn’t have a physical body in this realm I was sucked back into my body…back on my bed.