The universe has a voice and is speaking to you every single day. Stop to listen and be amazed by what you receive. The universe is always working in your favor.

It is impossible to comprehend every level of something, let alone understand the amount of levels there are. It is important to be both abstract and specific. Both methods of speaking/writing/art lead you to different dimensions.

Once you realize that you’ve become a figure worth looking up to, you try to become the best you can be in order to not just improve yourself, but to improve everything and everyone around you.

Lying can usually get you what you want, but so can telling the truth.

If you go outside while it’s raining and you stop to listen to the rain, clearing all thoughts and really listen, you might just hear yourself.

Within everything is every lesson there is to learn. The amount of things a lesson can be applied to is infinite. The lessons we learn loop around within all other lessons as well.

We are ALL students and teachers. Someone who claims to know all is a fool.

Sometimes we demand things from people that we ourselves don’t do.

Change begins with YOU! DO IT!